Engineering platform for highly efficient cooperation

  • Engineering Base uses a centralised database and an adaptable data model.
  • Engineering Base is flexible and supports work groups in interdisciplinary cooperation.
  • Engineering Base’s open API allows seamless integration into existing IT systems like SAP and Team Centre.
  • Fully connected to the leading 3D and Simulation Software.
  • Uses Microsoft Standard components and easy.

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The solution for sustainable engineering processes

  • With its three-layer architecture and central database, Engineering Base very flexibly and efficiently supports work groups in their interdisciplinary cooperation.
  • The successes in a wide range of industries prove that the open data model is enormously adaptable; the API also allows any required extension to be easily implemented.
  • The intuitive interface ensures short familiarisation periods and efficient use across linguistic and cultural boundaries.
  • The user determines the workflow, and not the system! Engineering Base adapts to each work method. The central data model displays the up-to-date status immediately in each view, regardless of whether the data was entered graphically or alphanumerically.
  • Microsoft standard components: full integration reduces the time prior to the start of productive engineering with EB.
Engineering Base Allows real-time

And simultaneous engineering in centralized & object driven way.


The challenges for modern engineering systems

  • Increasingly complex tasks, more and more collaboration, less and less time – the conventional tool chain is no longer sufficient for parallel, simultaneous editing.
  • International, multidisciplinary division of work needs scalable system architectures that support all variants of the installation – from the single workstation to cloud computing. They need to provide for both online collaboration on the same database, and offline integration of suppliers and customers.
  • Flexibility: different disciplines, documents, work methods, data models, languages, standards, and so on, require maximum adaptability.
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