The right track for your engineering

Engineering software for the efficient electrical design of rolling stock

Collaborative, constructive, efficient: AUCOTEC's engineering software provides highly efficient engineering in accordance with FSF standards, not only for the electrical development and design of trams, locomotives and all types of rail vehicles, but also for the installation of cabling.

As a result, the perfect combination of functional requirements of electrical design and the geometric requirements of mechanical engineering!

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Your challenges

  • Constant changes require high flexibility in cable routing.
  • High customer expectations for product quality and optimised processes.
  • Complicated, confusing handling of terminals, plugs and cable looms due to high complexity.
  • Comprehensibility of changes over multiple revision statuses.

The optimum process with Engineering Base

  • Engineering Base (EB) as an ideal cooperation platform: central database for local and globally distributed clients, and scalable architecture.
  • EB creates clear, reusable functional circuit diagrams without terminals and plugs.
  • Alphanumeric wiring creates perfect overview.
  • Everything automatic: generation of terminal blocks and plugs in the wiring, assignment of wires to cables and cable looms, plug contact selection, matching the wire/cable lengths from the 3-D model of the vehicle, and much more.
  • Automated creation of manufacturing documentation such as wiring lists, cable loom lists and 2-D wiring harness drawings.
  • Easy creation of documents for the service (for example, change notifications).
  • Convenient importing and exporting of wiring harness data with full change control makes collaboration with clients efficient and minimises the effort involved in making changes.
  • The unique openness of EB allows highly flexible configuration for different requirements without having to customize software.
  • Full control of changes and their impact due to unique tracking and revision technology.

Embedded in your company IT system

  • The closest possible links to SAP and Teamcenter for optimum process integration.
  • Easy Office integration for easy data exchange without proprietary interfaces.
  • Open API for integration, for example, in the in-house manufacturing system.


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