• Suitable for any vessel or offshore unit.
  • Single DB or Single Tool from Concept Design to Operation.
  • Developed by Shipdesigners.
  • The intelligent tool for ship design and production.
  • FORAN's system has been in the market for the past 60 years as a reference system for the CAD design ship around the world.
  • It is the leading 3D Vessel design software available.

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Why is FORAN the right tool?

  • 100% integrity of disciplines: 1 Single Database for the complete project. Exhaustive & Integrated environments.
  • Based on Oracle, Easy & Open, FORAN do not work with external files. Time saving on Design task. This is a real on-line design between engineers.
  • We cover ALL stages of Ship Design, seamless continuity: Basic to Detail and Production.
  • Same environment for all disciplines what makes easier to learn, design & work with FORAN.
  • Powerful early design tool, one of the most compromised stages in cost.
  • Fast Creation of 3D model based on 2D. Reduce man hours, reduce the errors and improve production by automatic outputs.
  • Proven collaborative Engineering. Aks to our major big costumers!
  • Easy Exchange of data. FORAN export and Import using standard formats (.iges/step/xml/dwg/dxf…) FORAN reuse the 100% of its legacy data and a big percentage from external software.

And FORAN v80 is the only Ship Design solution that allows to go from design to build in a single data model.


What makes of FORAN the leading tool in Shipbuilding?

  • Reducing design man‐hours, enhancing the design quality and improving production efficiency.
  • Seamless continuity between the basic and the detail stages of the design  MATURITY.
  • Homogeneous development of all its modules and high level of concurrent engineering.
  • Integration of the entire range of ship design disciplines : Hull Forms, General Arrangement, Naval Architecture, Outfitting, Structure and Electrical.
  • 3D product model as the single source of all data.

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