Maximum power for engineering

Standard-compliant plant design in the power plant industry

Consistent, collaborative, highly efficient: AUCOTEC's solution for the design and operation of power plants supports professional collaborative engineering consistently from the primary process via I&C design and control engineering up to electrical equipment and connection to the power grids.

Engineering Base (EB) takes into account all common German and international standards. Whether KKS, IEC 81346 or RDS-PP is involved: EB, which goes far beyond conventional ECAD, can map them all. Its unique as-built solution also makes revamping processes efficient and clear.

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The special challenges

  • Germany: very limited construction of new power plants due to the German Renewable Energy Act (EEG); modernisation of control engineering in particular as well as efficient plant supervision required.
  • International: high energy demand and thus new power plants in emerging economies. Fast processing of engineering required.
  • Power plant design requires effective cooperation and control of the cooperating disciplines with highly transparent change management.
  • Constantly up-to-date data and documents for the daily servicing of existing plants and simultaneous planning of revamping measures require a highly parallel procedure for in-house engineering resources and contractors.
  • Design work must take into account very closely set downtimes for revamping or extensions.

The optimum process

  • Engineering Base (EB) as an ideal cooperation platform: central database with scalable architecture for local and remote clients.
  • Integrated, collaborative solution modules from process design via I&C design engineering and control system design up to electrical equipment and connection to high-voltage grids on one central data model.
  • Full control of changes and their impact due to unique tracking and revision technology.
  • Secure integration of external suppliers by the convenient importing and exporting of engineering data; full change control.
  • Unique solution for parallel work in the as-built portfolio and revamping projects with intelligent information comparison.
  • Standard-compliant: unsurpassed full support of IEC EN 81346 for structuring the identification system of both RDS-PP and KKS in existing German power plants.

Embedded in your company IT system

  • Close SAP link for maintenance and service organisation.
  • Open API for integration, for example, in in-house document management and maintenance systems.
  • Integration of control engineering design systems significantly accelerates transfer of hardware design and signal lists up to parameterization.


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