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FORAN V80 Migration Solutions

We are the nÂș1 on Naval Shipbuilding, high demanding sector on functionalities and security.FORAN is easy to learn, use, implement & operate. Full complete training takes a maximum of three weeks for start producing. Proven by the market building all types of vessels: Naval, merchant, offshore and others.We provide 24/7 supports to the engineers designing with FORAN Worldwide. A group of Naval Architects is always ready to solve your doubts or requirements.Continuous development of the system based on Users requirements. They know how to do it.

FORAN V80 Migration Solutions brochure

Initial Design

  • Generation and modification of any hull forms.
  • Innovative GA definition in 3D including early position of equipment.
  • Automatic generation of GA drawings.
  • Naval architecture calculations updated to newest regulations and user friendly interface.

FORAN V80 Initial Design brochure

Single tool from Concept Design to Operation:

  • Initial Design
  • Basic Design
  • Detail Design & Production
  • Operation

Basic Design

  • Smart generation of an early 3D model of structure and outfitting.
  • Intelligent P&I and single wire diagrams, integrated with 3D model.
  • truthful extraction of information such as material estimation and weights.
  • Automatic and customizable generation of class drawings.

FORAN V80 Basic Design brochure

Detail Design & Production

  • Smooth transition to detail design by adding information for production.
  • Powerful capabilities to define the structure parts, equipment, pipes, HVAC, auxiliary structure, electrical and electronics.
  • Automatic explotation of the 3D model for manufacturing and assembly.
  • Customized adaptation to any shipyard facility .

FORAN V80 Hull Structure brochure
FORAN V80 Machinery & Outfitting brochure
FORAN V80 Electrical Design brochure
FORAN V80 Drafting & Mechanical CAD brochure


  • Aplicable to conversions and repairs.
  • Simulation of operations.
  • Integration with PLM tools during life cycle.

FORAN-PLM Advanced Integration brochure
FORAN V80 Virtual Reality brochure
FORAN V80 Change & Access Control brochure
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